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Home Buyers Tree Surveys

Home Buyers Reports / Pre-Purchase Assessments

Homebuyers are often asked by their potential mortgage lender for a tree survey. Surveyors are experts in their own field and are not keen to comment on trees and an assessment by a qualified Arboriculturalist may be requested if they believe that trees could be compromising the integrity of a building.

Absolute Ecology we will visit the property being considered for a mortgage, consider the behaviour of the trees which can be seen on and off site and consider other factors relating to the potential for the trees to cause harm to the property, so the report will include a brief health and risk assessment to identify potential direct and indirect threats of injury or damage from defective trees.  It identifies where trees are inappropriate to the site, makes remedial recommendations and identifies factors which require more in depth investigation.  In many cases, this preliminary assessment is all that is required.

Purchasing a house is a particularly stressful time for a buyer.  We guarantee to visit the site and provide a mortgage report within 5 to 10 days of the instruction date.  As part of our service, we would be more than happy to meet the prospective purchaser on site to discuss any potential tree maintenance/safety issues that may concern them.  We will always be honest with our clients, giving them our best possible advice.

We Work UK Wide.

Absolute Ecology Free Quote

To receive, without obligation, an estimate of our likely fees for a project just email us at absoluteecology@hotmail.co.uk and we at Absolute Ecology will get back to you as soon as we can. 

And remember Absolute Ecology works UK wide.

Natural England Low Impact Bat Class Licence: Absolute Ecology LLP

Natural England has launched a new class licence for low impact bat works. This new licencing process has been developed to streamline the bat licence process and to reduce delays and costs.

The new Low Impact Bat Licence will allow works on developments which will have a low impact on a small number of bats, while ensuring the works are undertaken within the law.

The range of innovative measures, designed to reduce both the volume of licence applications and the associated costs, marks a significant step by Natural England towards its goal of cutting red tape and creating a more efficient organisation.
Savings have been made chiefly via the introduction of an ‘annexed licence’* system for works affecting bats, great crested newts and dormice – which has reduced the number of applications and subsequent rejections and reapplications; and a new ‘class licence’ – which has reduced applications for individual mitigation licences for low impact works affecting bats.
This means Absolute Ecology is one of the few consultancies can issue Low Impact Bat Licences without further consultation with Natural England. As a result, projects will be able to proceed without the delay of the standard bat licence.

Special Points of Interest

  • Carry out any surveys required as early in the planning process as possible to save time and delays and money.
  • November to April Season is badger surveys
  • March to June is Great Crested Newt survey season and scoping assessments can be all year round.
  • Bat activity Survey season May to September/October.
  • Bat hibernation and general scoping assessments is November to March/April

Don’t forget Phase 1 Habitat Surveys can be all year round.


For more information, contact us today on 01782 444292 or 07947 783448